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World Horse Welfare Global Map

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International Work

World Horse Welfare Global Map
There are around 100 million working equids in the developing world that fuel the economies of countries in Africa, Central America and Asia. These equids lead demanding, exhausting lives made worse by the wounds and injuries they suffer through inadequate shoeing, harnesses and nutrition.

Challenges faced by working equids around the world are often the result of their interaction with human beings and we take the view that to improve the welfare of working equids in a sustainable manner, we must change the behaviour of the people who work with them. Doing that is a complex process that is different for every situation that we find.

Most people will not realise that the vast majority of working equids are owned and used by some of the most vulnerable, excluded, and resource poor people in the world. Asking them to change their behaviours, behaviours that are only just keeping them and their families alive, is asking a great deal and it is not something we can ask without providing support for them to do so.

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