GSA SUSTAINABILITY 01 Reduce Forest cutting, Deforestation and protect tree lands

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SUSTAINABILITY /01 GreenScene Agritek ‘Refined Golden’ Bedding recycled by GSA

Why we do what we do ? 01/

  • Reduce Forest cutting, Deforestation and protect tree lands

Why is that important read the 1o reasons why trees are important from the National Quality Institute


In addition fro GSA:

  1. We recycle the wood fibre from Used horse bedding and produce a premium bedding that is healthier for the horse, and the environment.
  2. We even use recycled twigs and branches in G17eo to create our high grade first distillation oils that are infused into every bag of our bedding.


10 reasons why trees are important:tree

  1. Produce oxygen.
  2. Clean the air.
  3. Absorb and store carbon.
  4. Clean the soil.
  5. Slow storm water runoff.
  6. Control noise pollution.
  7. Act as windbreaks.
  8. Fight soil erosion.
  9. Provide shade and cool.
  10. Increase property values.

Source: Steve Nix