Nine Tons

Sophia Wang Research

According to a recent study by Penn State University, that’s how much waste the average 1,000-pound horse produces each year. Put another way, your horse eliminates more than 30 pounds of feces and two gallons of urine (adding another 20 pounds of fluid) every single day.

Horses also require 10-15 pounds of fresh bedding daily, bringing the total to nearly 70 pounds of total waste needing to be shoveled, loaded on to a truck, driven out of town and disposed of. Multiply this by the number of horses in your stable, and the issue becomes clear…we have a waste bedding problem!

Wellington, Florida is the North American hub for equestrian sports and polo. After equestrian season wrapped in the spring of 2016, more than 20,000 tons of waste bedding was left behind. This waste is disposed of by trucking it out of town, where it is dumped. This is expensive, destructive to the environment and brings up a third issue: We are running out of places to dump the soiled bedding.

The solution for healthier animals, a more environmentally-friendly operation, and eliminating transportation costs is a GreenScene Recycled Animal Bedding Plant.

Our four-step process turns waste back into usable products. Here’s how it works:
  1. The used bedding is collected.
  2. All the elements of the used bedding (wood shavings, manure, fines, etc.) are thoroughly blended.
  3. This mixture is then heat treated and the waste is removed. (the waste is used by the GreenScene Plant as fuel)
  4. The recovered bedding is then infused with organic essential oils.

The result is our Premium Recycled Animal Bedding. Whether you have 1,000 horses or 10,000 horses, we can scale a GreenScene Animal Bedding Plant to any capacity to meet your needs. Call us today and join us in the race for zero waste.