From cities to the country – Exporting our manure problems

Sophia Wang Environment

It’s hard to fathom with how the automobile dominates our lives today, but 100 years ago, cities were facing an even more pungent odour than exhaust belching from an aged Buick: horse manure. Tons of it.

In 1894, New York City’s 100,000 horses were expelling 2.5 million pounds of manure daily and farmers were looking more to chemical fertilizer products than manure for their crops.

Four years later, the world’s first urban planning conference in New York City was cancelled after only three days, when delegates could not foresee a solution to the crisis.

By the early 1900s mass adoption of the automobile saved cities from being inundated with manure and relegated horses to farm life; however, the manure problem itself moved to rural areas.

Today, farms and equestrian centres are tasked with moving thousands of pounds of manure offsite daily, an expensive, messy and wasteful process.

Some parts of the United States see manure fields several feet deep, the result of years of using trucks to dispose of the waste that could be taken care of on-site.

GreenScene has the solution to your manure problem. Our patented recycling plants take used horse bedding and turn it into premium recycled bedding with our signature four-step process:

4 step process MAR17

Our used bedding waste management system can be scaled to fit any operation, whether you have 1,000 horses or 10,000 horses, we can tailor a plant to fit your needs.

If you’re ready to join the race to zero waste, give us a call today.