Fighting Manure Madness – Bill Gates vs. the Environment

Sophia Wang Environment

Even the richest man on Earth has trouble finding a place to dump his manure.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates paid a $30,000 fine in 2015 after an investigation found one manure bin on his Wellington, Florida property was situated too close to a canal and a second was constructed without a permit.

Everglades National Park is close to Wellington, and with more than 12,000 horses creating more than 100,000 tons of manure during the winter equestrian season, disposal is always a concern, particularly when water quality could be affected.

During equestrian season, haulers see their workloads triple, sometimes hauling as many as 100 loads of manure to be dumped each week.

Waste is currently trucked out to areas where it can serve as fertilizer; however, this is not a permanent solution and some rural properties now have manure piles several feet deep, which also attract flies and emit a foul odor.

The best permanent solution is a GreenScene Used Bedding Recycling Plant. Our recycled bedding plants are powered by their own waste and the reclaimed bedding is infused with our blend of essential oils.

Our oil-infused bedding is proven to benefit the respiratory health of horses and comes with endorsements from major universities and the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture.

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