City criticizes manure disposal proposal

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NORCO: City criticizes manure-disposal proposal

Written by Patrick O;Neill contact the writer: 951-368-9644,, @PE_PatrickO

Every four days, trucks carry 520,000 pounds of horse droppings out of Norco – the
weight of the Statue of Liberty, plus two city buses.

On Wednesday, Aug. 5, a proposal to dump that waste at an eastern Riverside County
compost facility was roundly criticized by the Norco City Council, who have long-asked
Waste Management of the Inland Empire for a plan to turn equine droppings into usable

Mayor Herb Higgins said the company’s July presentation did not name a disposal site,
and offered no manure-to-energy option. He called the plan “unacceptable.”
Minutes later, Higgins and all but one of the five council members agreed to a 1.3 percent
annual rate hike. The increase will cost the average Norco resident about 28 cents more
on their monthly bill.

Norco’s manure is currently taken to a recycling center in Chino, where it’s converted to
fertilizer. City officials, worried the facility may close, have asked Waste Management to
fulfill its contractual obligations by researching alternatives, particularly ones that could
convert horses’ waste into bio-methane.

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