Why Our Bedding is better :

GSA’s proven seperation process removes dust from the barns as the dust predominantly comes from bedding causing respiratory cough for horse and riders. GSA bedding leaves in some wood fines for better absorption. For areas where no dust is prefered our process can be truly dust free.
GSA bedding plays a significant role in maintaining healthy breathing. Supports healthy respiratory function, suppressing coughs & RAO in horses via our patent essential oil blend that is infused into every bag. Proven by the University of Guelph as a better bedding you can see that UOG Report
Having a softer cushioning bedding allows horses to rest and lie down, even if they have not for years. GSA bedding testimonials shows horses are more likely to lie down in our bedding that on generic wood sawdust/shavings. This also allows horses legs and blood to flow better for their safety and well being.
Treating and preventing hoof rot can be helped with a clean dry bedding material. When the bedding is infused with G17 it plays a role in maintaining healthy hoofs and stimulates healing of hoof rot, cuts, bites and sores. It also helps protect against itching and other fungal / skin irritations while the horse is in the stall. Every bag of GSA bedding in infused with G17 to make, in our opinion the best bedding on the market.
GSA bedding helps promote healing from the inside out. Healthy skin without sores and fungal infections improves the wellbeing of your horse. GSA bedding has shown to heal sores from horses being left in their stalls on generic shavings or pellets.
Our bedding smells great. It heals, protects and was created as Health Science For Your Horse. ™ It reduces Ammonia by better absorption and counteracts the smell in the barn. Ammonia affects breathing, and the hoof structure.
Sore muscles and hocks can cause joint damage. A clean cushioned bedding that is stable encourages the horse to rest, and lie down. To help sore muscles further, rub in Move Easy ™ at night to encourage comfort and better rest.
What can be more important than hygiene within the barn for horse and management. Every batch of Refined Golden Bedding recycled by GSA is tested for e-coli, pathogens, moisture and multiple testing to be the most tested bedding on the market. It is steam sterilized, separated for dust control, metered through UV light treated and by infusing each bag with G17 we have made, in our opinion, the best & safest bedding on the market.

Overcoming the Health Risks to Stabled horses by GSA

The New Innovation in Bedding. Health Science for Your Horse ™

Recycled Premium Bedding

‘Refined Golden’ Bedding is a sustainable premium recycled bedding. We use a chemical free process of steam sterilization, seperation and patent pending essential oil blend that has created a horse bedding that is safer & better for humans and horses than most alternatives. Our closed loop process offers delivery within 30m /50km of a Plant. Learn more and Buy Here…

Health Science for Your Horse

For more than a hundred years wood fiber bedding has been the choice of horse stalls. Nothing much has changed. We cut down trees ~ We scrape up Sawdust Mill ends – and make a bedding product with little science behind it. GreenScene Agrtiek chose to make a difference. Make a bedding product that was environmentally friendly, recycled to stop deforestation and solve the growing waste management problem of piles of used bedding leaching into our waterways globally. Then add multi facetted health science protection to make a superior premium bedding product for re-sale in your local area.


How do you want your horses bronchi to look?

GSA bedding within 28 days sharp carina, no mucus, and open bronchi

28 days on GSA bedding

14 days on straw, same horse with blunted carina and abundant mucus

14 days on straw

“In scientific testing, using GSA recycled bedding tested over a period of 28 days in horse with respiratory disease such as RAO did not induce or exacerbate asthmatic episodes. On bronchoscopy, horses had sharp and clear carina, lack of mucus and open bronchi. When the same horses were bedded on straw for 14 days or less exacerbated RAO episodes were induced, and on bronchoscopy blunted carina, abundant mucus secretions and constricted bronchi were seen. The recycled bedding was easy to handle, free of dust and odour, and no mould was cultured. In conclusion, horses bedded on GSA recycled bedding had less lung resistance and better bronchial scores than horses bedded on straw. The results show that GSA recycled bedding is a better bedding material for horses than straw regarding the health of both horses and stable workers.”

How do we create a Recycled Bedding?

Through a process of refinement and extraction, used stalled bedding can be shipped to a GSA plant and processed into a recycled bedding that is more absorbent and cleaner than the original. This Refined Golden Sustainable Bedding is the basis for a closed loop farm-to-farm local process that saves farms money. It is calculated that the GSA technology can reduce or normalize bedding and disposal costs by picking up and supplying bedding within 30m / 50km cutting down on transportation and feedstock costs. While also eliminating many of the industry’s environmental concerns; such as, landfill disposal, contaminant leaching, odor control and methane off-gassing. Other benefits of the GSA technology include: a recycled product that eradicating the vast majority of pathogen and mold spores; has a lower moisture content, higher absorbency than standard wood fibre bedding; while reducing the smell of ammonia and black flies in the stables which results in improved horse and human health.

Color may vary Quality doesn’t!

We process from our host farms in the region. A sawdust blend will make the recycled bedding darker than say large pine flakes, which recycle brighter.

“Refined Golden” Blended Bedding, recycled by GSA is a proprietary blend of fibers to optimize yield. Using the complete range of fibers in the shavings we can create a better bedding with higher absorption. GSA processes multiple cycles of the same bedding from local farms which reduces the particle size of the shavings. By adding a percentage of unprocessed bedding into the mix, we created an evenly blended multi-sized bedding.

By adding our patent pending G-17 essential oil health blend, you and your horse can breathe easy, knowing your buying a better bedding through a better process, while saving our land and waterways from waste.

GSA sustainable reusable bedding. Health Science for Your Horse ™

Wood Shavings

Are locally sourced & heat-treated to be non toxic shavings. Reduces Forest cutting, Deforestation and protect tree lands. Heat treated for better human and horse health.

  • Safe
  • Environmental
  • Same Source Recycling

Proprietary Blend

GSA bedding includes proven safe oil blend that can reduce swelling, protects against viruses and bacteria as well as mold and fungi. Fly repellent. Hoof protector. Heals cuts & sores.

  • Anti Viral _ Fungal
  • Fly Inhibitor
  • Helps Respiratory System

Absorbent Comfort

Low moisture bedding <10% to inhibit mold growth. Immune Booster against flies. It is an Easy Pick bedding with Softer Cushioning, more comfortable bedding at Competitively affordable Pricing.

  • Low Moisture [10%]
  • Softer cushioning
  • Competitvely Priced

GSA Bedding Benefits

There are many benefits to using GSA Refined Golden Recycled Bedding. Here are just some of the benefits. But dont take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials.

Refined Golden Recycled Bedding

Why buy GSA bedding?



  • 01

    Locally sourced heat-treated non toxic wood fibers

  • 02

    Low moisture bedding <10% to inhibit mold growth

  • 03

    Immune Booster. Helps protect against flies, viruses and bacteria as well as mold and fungi.

  • 04

    Increases lung capacity in horses with ERO

  • 05

    Easy Pick. Quicker removal of urine & manure

  • 06

    Reduces the smell of ammonia in the stalls

  • 07

    Softer cushioning, more comfortable bedding

  • 08

    Always Bagged for safety & portion control

  • 09

    Economically viable – competitively well priced!

  • 10

    Eco Friendly bedding that offers better waste management practises

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  • 01

    Reduce Forest cutting, Deforestation and protect tree lands

  • 02

    Pioneering green sustainable technology for the equine industry

  • 03

    Solves the waste management crisis of build up leaching and off gassing

  • 04

    Helps government agencies and their strict environmental regulations

Transportation and Feedstock

  • 01

    GSA becomes an additional legal disposal site with competitive tipping fee revenues

  • 02

    Reducing the distance to dump, haulers can increase trips and normalize tipping fees

  • 03

    Shorter transportation routes reduces distribution costs and gas pollution

  • 04

    Closer to market being served and available on-demand

Product sensitivity

  • 01

    Better product at a cost competitive price that helps respiratory diseases

  • 02

    Heat treated for better human and horse health

  • 03

    Increases farm efficiency by decreasing time to clean stalls

  • 04

    Bagged for safety (anti viral Anti fungal) & portion control over loose bedding

Do you want mold in your bedding?

GSA bedding is sterilized and moisture reduced to 10% + - 1

We can guarantee no extensive mold growth while sealed. Loose bedding just can’t do that…

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The Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC) conducted a research project with an aim to verify the ability and effectiveness of GSA’s production process in exposing the bulk of the used bedding materials to the time-temperature conditions required for the eradication of human and horse pathogens. The results suggest that GSA’s process is able to produce the required time and temperature to achieve effective elimination of human and horse pathogens. Hence, the dried and recycled horse-bedding product may be deemed safe for both human and animals.
Anthony Lau. Ph.D., P.Eng University of British Columbia

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GSA eliminates many of industry’s environmental concerns; like landfill disposal, contaminant leaching, odor control, and methane off-gassing.
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