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Premium Recycled Bedding

‘Refined Golden’ Bedding is a sustainable recycled bedding.
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We use a process of steam sterilization, separation and infuse every bag with our patent pending pure organic essential oil blend that has created a horse bedding that is safer for humans and horses than most alternatives. Our closed loop process supplies and delivers within 30m /50km of a Plant.

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GSA-Series Plants

GreenScene Manufacturers to GSA-series plants around the world to create local supply.  Go to Main Website Here.

To create such a great bedding takes a game changing technology. GSA-Series Plants are being located where a high populous of humans and horses reside. We use the separated organics as the Plant’s fuel source, thus creating a carbon neutral Plant.

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G17eo Equine Organics

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Our approved monograph reviewed essential oil blend is now patent pending and is proven safe for horses of all ages and ambitions to protects against viruses and bacteria as well as mold and fungi. It is infused into bag of our bedding and now created as a range of Health Products. Helps the respiratory system, reduces muscle swelling, acts as a fly inhibitor, hoof protector while healing cuts & sores.


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Global GSA-Plants
The Passion behind GSA. Why we do what we do today. Our Story!
Mr. Paul Cross
  • In late 2010 we set out in search of a more sustainable dependable supply of wood fibre for horse bedding that would have a healthier impact on our land, offering horse owners a better product through a better eco-friendlier process at a competitive price. It turned out to be so much more….
    We discovered our mission. To challenge the agricultural community and lobbyist, to know the facts that all “manures are not created equal.” That there is a global crisis ahead of us from the sheer volumes of used bedding piling up around us, and its containments that are entering our land, air and water, causing numerous health concerns for our children and the next generation, if not resolved.
    Millions of tons of waste wood fibre bedding are being inadequately disposed of which has led to phosphorus leaching, odour and methane off-gassing contaminating every region around the world that has a high populous of horses and humans, and it is not being addressed adequately by the EPA environmental agencies or horse owners.

  • Just because we can use inadequate disposal methods, does not mean we should. We must challenge this status quo, by creating sustainable solutions to the problem. We saw it in the great manure crisis of 1894 and we are seeing it again today!
    Through years of research and commercial testing; GreenScene Agritek has resolved the problem in Vancouver Canada, by commercially recycling and reusing the same used wood fibre bedding in multiple cycles, profitably, producing a premium quality, safer horse bedding than the original, through a better process, at a competitive price.
    We have fulfilled the goal, but not our mission!
    By building carbon neutral GSA eco-Plants, powered by their own waste stream within the centre of horse centric regions, we can also successfully reduce hauling and transportation costs; a win-win-win for the equine industry, the environment, and co-owners of GSA-Series plants. Thus creating a social sustainable, profitable, business model for the worldwide agricultural equine industry.

Our Story focuses on our Why? Why we do what we do. And the Passion that drove us to create a Revolution in the equine industry.

  • Our premium, local region specific, product – refined “golden” bedding, is a direct response to solving the waste management crisis.
    “We are building a company based on Excellence, Innovation and Stewardship. We are all members of a local neighbourhood supporting each other to create a more sustainable future for our families and the environment. “ quotes Cross Therefore, GreenScene Agritek, staff, and investors, take responsibility for this slice of the environment and we will not waste what we have been given!
    Join us in our mission, because you can, to use a better bedding in a cleaner world.

    Recycle. Reclaim. Resell. Reuse. // We recycle used horse bedding (commonly misinterpreted as manure) from horse stalls. We reclaim the wood shavings and resell recycled bedding to the same horse farms. We reuse the separated inert waste organic stream as a bio-fuel to power the plant making it a closed loop carbon neutral Plant Operation.

  • WHY? Because it solves three core issues in the equine industry…

    1. Solving the build-up of horse manure in every county that has a high populous of humans and horses in a small geographical location (50 miles). There are more than 40 North American locations already identified and over 1000 racetracks to help.

    2. Creating the availability of good quality local wood fiber while reducing the gas pollution of long distance truck drivers bringing bedding into towns from vast distances sometimes thousands of miles away.

    3. Reducing dramatically the environmental impact of methane off gassing, phosphorus hotspots and leaching into our waterways from over-stored manure and composting.

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    Our Story // Join the revolution

    We build eco-friendly carbon neutral Plants that Sell Recycled bedding to the local community where the facility resides. We set out in search of a sustainable supply of wood fiber for horse bedding and found out that all ‘manures are not created equal’ To learn more call 1.877.816.4577

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    Environmental Clean Tech

    GSA is a green agriculture technology corp. that specializes in solving two major equine problems. Manure Waste Management and good quality local bedding. With increasing restrictions on equine waste, leaching and off gassing – GSA is dedicated to helping solve this global waste crisis and providing a recycled premium bedding

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    Our Proprietary Closed Loop Process

    Our Proprietary Process.
    Used bedding is redirected to us for Refinement – Pasteurization – Seperation and Bagged for Redistribution for reuse as a better bedding in the same local farms. Through our ‘Closed Loop Process’ we do this in multiple cycles.

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    Buying // GSA 'Refined Golden' is a better bedding

    Why buy ‘GSA bedding?’ Buying Local. Buying a Better product at competitive pricing. Low dust, low moisture. Anti viral Anti Fungal properties with Less respiratory issues. GSA is a sustainable recycled bedding that is safer for human and horses than most alternatives

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    GSA Plant Ownership // How to become a Plant owner

    The GSA team has outlined 40 regions with a high populous of humans and horses to build Plants with Co-ownership. Plant Owners requires a dedicated team in the region completing a Feasibility Study, Regional validation to production numbers. Licensing Agreements. Land Procurement and Build out .

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    News & Events

    Contact us and Sign up for our newsletter to learn more about being involved with the growth of GSA across North America and Globally. We update Facebook daily

What does Manure do?
GSA eliminates many of industry’s environmental concerns; like landfill disposal, contaminant leaching, odor control, and methane off-gassing.
What You Need to Know.
Discuss GSA recycled wood fibre. Sawdust. Shavings. Pellets. Paper. Straw and Chopped Straw. Peat Moss. Hemp. Matting READ THE REPORT HERE
Read What Others Know…
Read some of our Customer Testimonials HERE. Plus Reviews on our Bedding from industry experts. Recommendations and Accolades for our team and Endorsements.
Our growing team starts here
40874 Yale Road West. Chilliwack. BC V4R 2J2 TELEPHONE: 1.877.816.4577 // EMAIL: // Read our bios

”By building carbon neutral GSA Plants powered by their own waste stream,
within the centre of horse centric regions, we can successfully reduce hauling and transportation costs.
A win for the equine industry, the environment, and co-owners of GSA-Series plants.
GSA is creating a socially sustainable, profitable, business model for the worldwide equine industry.”

The GSA Team.

GSA Bedding Benefits

There are many benefits to using GSA Refined Golden Recycled Bedding. Here are just some of the benefits. But dont take our word for it. Read some of the testimonials.

Refined Golden Recycled Bedding

Why buy GSA bedding?



  • 01

    Locally sourced heat-treated non toxic wood fibers

  • 02

    Low moisture bedding <10% to inhibit mold growth

  • 03

    Immune Booster. Helps protect against flies, viruses and bacteria as well as mold and fungi.

  • 04

    Reduces black flies and repels mosquitos

  • 05

    Easy Pick. Quicker removal of urine & manure

  • 06

    Reduces the smell of ammonia in the stalls

  • 07

    Softer cushioning, more comfortable bedding

  • 08

    Always Bagged for safety & portion control

  • 09

    Economically viable – competitively well priced!

  • 10

    Eco Friendly bedding that offers better waste management practises

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  • 01

    Reduce Forest cutting, Deforestation and protect tree lands

  • 02

    Pioneering green sustainable technology for the equine industry

  • 03

    Solves the waste management crisis of build up leaching and off gassing

  • 04

    Helps government agencies and their strict environmental regulations

Transportation and Feedstock

  • 01

    GSA becomes an additional legal disposal site with competitive tipping fee revenues

  • 02

    Reducing the distance to dump, haulers can increase trips and normalize tipping fees

  • 03

    Shorter transportation routes reduces distribution costs and gas pollution

  • 04

    Closer to market being served and available on-demand

Product sensitivity

  • 01

    Better product at a cost competitive price that helps respiratory diseases

  • 02

    Heat treated for better human and horse health

  • 03

    Increases farm efficiency by decreasing time to clean stalls

  • 04

    Bagged for safety (anti viral Anti fungal) & portion control over loose bedding

Do you want mold in your bedding?

GSA bedding is sterlized and moisture reduced to less than 10%

We can guarantee no mold growth while sealed. Loose beding just can’t do that…

There is a new Dawn.

To learn more about the GSA opportunity -Local Bedding sales & when a location will open up close to you call us today.

Locations Available
in north america

About Our Process

Closed Loop

  • 01 Refinement

    The Shredder reduces any longer pieces of hay or larger woodchips into the required length.
    The feedstock is then transformed into a homogenous mulch passing over a rare earth magnet to remove any metallic material that may have found their way into the mix.

  • 02 Pasturization

    Wood fibre mix is put through a proprietary pasteurization process to create the GSA
    premium recycled bedding. This is continually monitored under computer-controlled
    parameters to make a better stable product.

  • 03 seperation

    The recycled bedding is fully separated from the fines prior to packaging. The removed organic
    fines (manure, wood & organic dust) are reused in the patented biofuel process to power the
    Plant. It may also be sold as a soil amender, depending on local market conditions..

  • 04 Distribution

    Wholesale distribution methodology is from farm – to Plant – to farm. Local haulers can bring
    the farms used bedding to a GSA Plant for processing and return a new bin and the baled
    recycled bedding, for reuse. This efficient round trip is positioned less than 50 Miles of the facility.

Ordering Bedding

  • 01

    Call 1.877.816.4577 X 117 To find outwhere you can purchase ‘Refined Golden’ GSA bedding

  • 02

    Or you can Email us at

  • 03

    Do you own a tack store – we want to talk to you about distribution? 1.877.816.4577 x 107.

  • 04

    Contact us by using the online chat below || Availability click here

Plant Ownership

  • 01

    There are 40 locations across North America that needs GreenScene Agrtiek to solve their problem. Contact us if you feel your area is one of them?

  • 02

    Plant candidates and Management teams are being assessed – we would love to speak with you 1.877.816.4577.

  • 03

    Counties, Investors and High Net worth individuals interested in participating should call Paul Cross at 1.877.816.4577 x 107

  • 04

    Territorial rights are available for early adopters.

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“In scientific testing, using GSA recycled bedding tested over a period of 28 days in horse with respiratory disease such as RAO did not induce or exacerbate asthmatic episodes. On bronchoscopy, horses had sharp and clear carina, lack of mucus and open bronchi. When the same horses were bedded on straw for 14 days or less exacerbated RAO episodes were induced, and on bronchoscopy blunted carina, abundant mucus secretions and constricted bronchi were seen. The recycled bedding was easy to handle, free of dust and odour, and no mould was cultured. In conclusion, horses bedded on GSA recycled bedding had less lung resistance and better bronchial scores than horses bedded on straw. The results show that GSA recycled bedding is a better bedding material for horses than straw regarding the health of both horses and stable workers.” Report by the University of Guelph

University of Guelph
We want to give thanks. To our supports and to those that we sponsor. Together we are better.The whole GSA team

GreenScene Agritek
We are Growing One Farm at a Time

A better process. A better bedding. We are Health Science for your horse.

Lbs of Recycled Bedding since 2011

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